Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garage Sales and Peaches

On Friday morning my step mom asked me if I wanted to go garage sale picking with her. I didn't really need  anything but we weren't busy so I decided I would tag a long. Thank goodness I did! I found a huge deal on books for the kids! Good books! Classic books! I'm still excited about it, can you tell?

I paid 25 cents for each book! I'm serious! Apparently the woman having the garage sale is a teacher and she was getting rid of a bunch of her books. She had multiples of almost every book. I would have gotten more, but it was so dang hot I couldn't search through boxes any longer!

I also scored a cute doll stroller/ carriage for Melody for 5 bucks. I thought she would enjoy puting all her babies in it and pushing them around. Instead, she has been trying to get in it herself. Whatever floats your boat, kid.

Over the weekend, my dad called and said his neighbor was getting rid of a bunch of peaches form his peach tree. He asked if I wanted any, and of course I said as many as he wants to give me! He said do you want the whole tree? Jokingly I said yes. Little did I know he was somewhat serious! They gave me 3 huge bags of peaches AND a piece of the tree that Larry (his neighbor) had found growing next to his tree. Seriously? This girl is happy! Now I need to figure out where I am going to plant it. I did some research about propagating peach trees and I've only found a little information about when and where to plant them. I'm thinking I need to keep it indoors for the winter and replant it in spring. If you are familiar with propagating peach trees, and possibly have done it here in Vegas, please fill me in! I really don't want to kill this thing.

In other news,

My 8 month old is getting ahead of himself. He literally just started scooting around a few days ago. Then I catch him trying to stand. Listen kid, SLOW DOWN. I knew he would eventually be mobile, but I really like the stage where you can set them down, they sit there, and don't go anywhere! Well, I guess I am in for a lot more messes now.
The kids have started playing together. Lyric loves his sister and whenever she talks to him or plays with him, he just laughs and gets so excited! Most of the time Melody prefers to keep her brother away from her toys, but recently she has been including him more often. It's adorable. I hope they become great friends.

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