Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Free Vintage Inspired Dress/Skirt Patterns

After recently making my own maxi skirt, I've been roaming around Pinterest, finding lots of fun dress, skirt, and shirt patterns I am excited to try out! I love being able to make my own clothes! (Especially since shopping for myself has been the least of my priorities.)

I love vintage/ vintage inspired women's clothing, so I decided to share with you 5 FREE vintage dress/ skirt patterns that I found recently! I haven't yet used these patterns but am looking forward to making some cute things from these patterns! If you happen to use any of these, please let me know how your piece turns out!

1. Couture Inspired A-Line Dress

 I love that this dress has pockets! I found the link to this dress at Dress A Day. You can find the free downloadable pattern here. I guess the sizes are in UK sizes so you will have to accommodate accordingly for your size.

2. Kasia Skirt

This high waist skirt has a retro feel. I'm loving the large buttons and scrunched pocket backing. This photo is from a blog post I found over at Sew Tessuti Blog. Her blue polka-dot fabric is perfect for this skirt! Find the free downloadable pattern here.

3. Gored Skirt and Tied Bolero

I have recently been seeing this style of shirts and skirts at clothing stores. Personally at this point I don't see myself showing my stomach anytime soon. The skirt would still be cute though! Get the pattern here. This blog has a bunch of other awesome free patterns as well. Browse around her site to check them out!

4. Little Bias Dress

This dress would look great not in just a satin but also maybe in a cotton or other fabric. This blog also has a bunch of other great free patterns as well! Here is the link, scroll down for this pattern. 

5. Flower Power Skirt

For my hippie side, here's a long 70's style skirt. Move over maxis, this skirt will be the next addition to my closet! Find the pattern here on Flikr. Scroll through the pictures to find the other 2 pages of the pattern.

There you have it, folks! Go make something cute to add to your wardrobe!

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