Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIAW- Week 4 Sugar Detox Challenge

First of all let me say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! Three years and two children later, I can say my life is so full of love and I wouldn't change a thing! Just to reminisce, I had to read my WIAW post from last year- WIA On My Second Anniversary. Now I want a Pumpkin Spice Frappacino! Jeez! My eats this anniversary will be a lot less sugary!

Week 4- Cut Out All Refined Sugars

This week we cut out all refined sugars. I haven't been using very many recently so it hasn't been too difficult. I did have a pretty bad cheat day on Saturday though. The kids and I made a trip out to Pahrump (about an hour and a half away) to visit my sister in law who took some photos for me. They ordered Pizza while I was up there. Then because we didn't get back until late the hubby suggested we just go get Sonic(which we haven't had in years!). I had a cheeseburger and chili cheese fries. Hey, I figured I might as well just go with it since I had already ruined my eats that day! Right? Well I've been much better since then. I can say that the couple days afterward I had some pretty bad cravings. Ugh. It wasn't worth it. Here are my eats so far this week.

Breakfast- gluten free hot cereal topped with bananas, maple syrup, and coconut milk, with a piece of whole wheat toast (This week I left out the 1Tbs of sugar called for in the recipe)

Lunch- Leftover beef stew

Dinner- Leftover turkey (that I roasted on Sunday) sandwich with Delallo pepperoncinis (It has to be that brand! They are so good!) 

Breakfast- Peanut butter whole wheat toast and coffee with a little local honey

Lunch- Another turkey sandwich, with pepperoncinis of course

Dinner- Chili made in the pressure cooker. It turned out pretty good. I added both cayenne and red pepper flakes so it was a bit spicier than usual but it didn't bother the kids! Yum!

Breakfast- Peanut butter whole wheat toast (I told you cutting the grains will be the toughest part for me!), half a grapefruit, and coffee with a little local honey

Lunch- ANOTHER turkey sandwich. I may need to make some turkey chowder or something with all these leftovers!

Dinner- We are planning to have dinner at BJ's tonight. I'm not sure what I will have, and of course it's always hard to tell what ingredients are used when you eat out. Their menu is pretty large, though, so I am pretty sure I will be able to find something that is for the most part within the guidelines of the challenge.

lightly salted peanuts
Greek yogurt with honey (it HAS to be Fah-yay!) 

toddler photo bomb!
I may have to have a glass of wine with my dinner tonight. It's kind of a ritual. I may also break open a piece of our wedding cake if I can find it in our freezer! We vacuum sealed it but who knows if its still good!

Did you save your wedding cake to eat on your anniversary?

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