Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Old Photos

I have come to really appreciate the time I set aside to write a new blog post. It really makes me stop and think about what I did yesterday or what is really going on in my life. I do this in the evenings when I pray before bed, but doing it again the next day really makes everything sink in again. It brings me back to center and makes me realize, again, everything I am so very thankful for.

Yesterday, the kids and I had breakfast,

2 eggs and 1 egg white scrambled (I have slowly been adding egg yolk back in my diet, and it doesn't seem to bother the baby!) with broccoli, spinach, onions, bell peppers, and sriracha, and whole wheat toast.
then we headed over to my dad's house. He lives right around the corner from me, literally I could walk there. Which I was going to, but I needed to pick up 2 more bags of peaches and I didn't think I would be able to carry them home with me and the kids. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

When we got there, my dad and step mom were going through my dad's old pictures. I've seen most of them before but it has been awhile and it's always so nice looking at things from my family's past. Here are a couple I brought home with me to keep:

My mom and dad, not sure if I was born yet, but they were taking a helicopter ride back from Catalina Island.  I thought it was such a good picture of them together.

My grandma and grandpa, my mom's mom and step dad, also in the helicopter.

Yesterday was also my uncles's birthday (my dad's youngest brother). So in light of that I had to share this picture of his awesome mullet. It was another birthday that we shared with him. My sister is on the left and I am on the right.

So cute! After letting the kids play a while, we finally went back home for lunch. Lyric hadn't napped yet so he passed out and Melody and I had left overs.

Mexican Pot Roast Soup and tortillas

Around 2:30pm we headed out for Lyric's 8 month check up. We even made it a couple minutes early!... Except I guess I wasn't just a couple minutes early... I was a WHOLE WEEK early! His appointment is next Tuesday! Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe I did that. I'm going to blame it on the "mom brain". Wow, and I thought I had all my ducks in a row! At least I got a laugh out of it.

This did give me more time to prepare my 3 giant bags of peaches. I couldn't can them yet, because I am out of canning jars. The horror! So I peeled, pitted and sliced half of the peaches and put them into large ziplocs in 4 cup increments. That would be the Ball jam recipe times 3. The other half I washed, dried, and placed on a couple cookie sheets to put in the freezer whole. I haven't frozen them whole before but I read that they are just as easy to peel and pit when you take them out to use. We will see.

While preparing the peaches, I also made dinner. (multitasking for the day, check!)

Chicken and rice in the pressure cooker. I'm  really getting the hang of this pressure cooking thing! I made this without a recipe. I will post it for you soon, don't worry! It was so yummy and full of comforting goodness!

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Have you gone through your old photos recently? How do you store them? I'm accumulating quite a few and I'm not sure what to do with them!

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