Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 5 Sugar Detox Challenge

I am a few days late on this post, and it has to do with the fact that, well, I needed some ME time! I'm assuming my recent emotions have been because I'm going through sugar withdrawals! I have been pretty mean. I have been on edge, and all I really feel like I want is some space! I'm trying not to let my temper get the best of me. Well, I'm assuming it's because of sugar withdrawals. I am hoping it's not my old "friend" Mother Nature coming to call. We haven't seen each other in about a year and a half and I'm not very excited for our reunion any time soon!

So, I can say that I am over half way through the 8 Week Sugar Detox Challenge! Have I been adhering to all the rules 100% of the time? No. I can tell you, though, this is the least amount of sugar my body has ever had! EVER! So I see it as a step in the right direction. I am going to continue to try to follow the rules of the challenge as strictly as I can for the these last couple weeks. Please pray for my family's safety!

This week we had to cut out all quick breads. This includes tortillas, muffins, pancakes, basically any bread that does not use yeast as an ingredient. I unfortunately made a huge batch of pancakes over the weekend and froze them. Now, I REALLY hate wasting food. So, yes, my children have had pancakes almost everyday this week! They don't seem to be protesting. 

I've decided I am not going to list every meal I've eaten any more. It's boring right? Most of them are pretty much the same things. So instead here's a quick view of some of my eats:

I didn't realize until I made this collage, that I had a lot of salad this week. Hmmm. 

I also have been on a pumpkin kick. I made my gluten free hot breakfast cereal the other morning and added some pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and topped it with  a pat of butter and a little maple syrup. HOLY COW! Pumpkin pie on the taste buds! Well, pretty close, anyway. And since I needed to use up that can of pumpkin I opened, I made a pumpkin spice mousse using equal parts pumpkin and plain greek yogurt, a little pumpkin pie spice, a little honey, and topped it with unsweetened shredded coconut. Yum!

Next week I will be trying to cut my natural sugars down to 2 teaspoons a day. I can still have my whole wheat bread though! 

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