Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIA- on Our Second Anniversary!

Yes, two years ago, I married my best friend! It was a beautiful wedding, but what made it one of the best days was that I was with the love of my life! I honestly couldn't imagine my life without him. So much has happened in the last two years. (Mostly babies!) We have been able to climb over all of life's hurdles together. I know that two years isn't very long but I am still looking forward to the rest of my life with my amazing husband!

Yesterday, although our anniversary, was fairly normal as far as our meals went.

Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with red onion, spinach and cheddar cheese with toast.
I had to take my sister grocery shopping a little later. Of course there was a Starbucks inside....

Pimpkin spice frap anyone? Yes, please!!

Melody had to have some apple juice!

It was a pretty rainy day, and has been for a week or so now. I don't really mind but I just can't stand the humidity! Las Vegas is supposed to be a dry heat! This is not conducive to a comfortable pregnancy! Mother Nature should know this!

-Please disregard the weeds, I have been slacking in that department!

Lunch- left over pork carnita pizza

Snack- one whole grapefruit. I have been on a real grapefruit kick lately for some reason!

When DH got home from work, we thought about where we wanted to go out to dinner. He suggested Olive Garden. What?! Seriously, he never wants to go there! I am always in the mood for bread sticks and alfredo sauce! So we dropped the baby off at my dad's house and went out to dinner. (Thanks Papa and Grandma Sandy!)

My husband is a habitual appetizer orderer! Knowing full well neither of us will eat all the food, he still thinks we should order and appetizer! - fried zucchini, fried calamari, and chicken fingers

Then, of course, we had salad and bread sticks with a side of alfredo dipping sauce. - no picture because, well frankly if you don't know what those look like then I feel very sorry for you! Go to Olive Garden right away!

By this time I was completely full. Then my meal came... I had literally one bite! - Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken

It was all so good! I was so full! We had enough left overs for a full meal for two! I really hate wasting food so this will definitely be eaten tonight for dinner!

We had a great anniversary dinner. It didn't have to be fancy. It didn't have to last all night. Just being able to be together, just the two of us, was enough for me.

How do you like to celebrate special occasions?

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