Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIAW- Week 6 Sugar Detox

Happy WIAW folks!
Leftover taco salad, peanut butter toast with half a grapefruit, plain greek yogurt with granola, Texas Hash

This week's challenge is to not consume more than 2 teaspoons of natural sugars a day. (Plus all of the previous weeks' challenges) It hasn't been that much more difficult. I end up using just a teaspoon of honey on my yogurt sometimes. I haven't been needing anything in my coffee. I have found, though, that a drop of peppermint essential oil in the pot makes for a very refreshing cup of coffee in the morning! One drop goes a long way. I know from experience! One drop per POT of coffee. A little coconut milk is nice, too.

For snacks, I've been enjoying lots of peanuts, fruit, celery, and Sargento pepper jack cheese sticks.

I have decided I will have to cut my challenge a week short. I most likely will be camping and it will be too hard to adhere to the challenge. So, instead I will be cutting two things next week, all grains and starches and all sugars. Well, I will try to cut them all. I haven't made my meal plan yet for next week, but I will let you know when I do!

In other news, I have had a loss in the garden. Yes, the squash bugs won the pumpkin battle and I had to pull them all out. I am NOT happy about this. I just bought some diatomaceaous earth today. I am planning on using this to get rid of the rest of the bugs who are moving over to my winter squash.

The squash plant on the right is doing well but the bugs are all over the left plant. I'm seriously over these dang bugs!

On a better note, the lettuce, carrots, chard, and onions are sprouting and the radishes seem to be growing well.

One of the dogs got out one night last week and decided to walk through my garden. AHHHHH! I was so angry! She trampled half the radishes! So if you notice in the above picture, some sprouts are larger than others. I ended up having to plant some more over the weekend.

I still haven't planted the broccoli and cauliflower. I know, I need to get on that. I will make it a point this weekend. I think I am going to start indoors. Hopefully they don't bring a bunch of gnats inside.

Do you have a fall garden? What garden pests do you have problems with?

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