Friday, August 8, 2014

Garden-Aug. 8th 2014

I haven't been able to post anything the last couple days. A cold snuck it's way into our home and my daughter and I have been fighting it off. I'm feeling a bit better today, though, so this morning I went out and checked on our garden.

We planted carving pumpkins and decor pumpkins last Wednesday, July 30th. We had a good rain over the weekend and they sprouted on Monday. Here is what they look like today.

They did have about 8 sprouts total per square foot, but yesterday I went through and thinned them out. I will probably have to thin them down to one plant eventually.

Yesterday we also planted some winter squash. It's an heirloom variety called Boston Marrow. It's supposed to be really delicious for pumpkin pies! Since the pumpkins we planted are mainly for decoration, I thought the squash would be nice for cooking.

Another thing has been growing in my garden. Something I didn't plant...

 I assume it's because of all the rain we've gotten the last couple weeks. Plus the drip emitters have been on so its pretty wet in there. I did some research and found that they aren't bad. It does mean good things are happening in the soil. You don't have to pick them. They will die eventually and then you just till them into the soil and they will provide healthy organisms for your soil. At least that's what I have been reading. If I am way off base here please let me know.

That's all for now, I am going to get some more rest and try to kick this cold!

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