Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIAW and Labor Day Weekend

I didn't get a chance on Monday to fill you in on all of our fun over the holiday weekend. The hubby and I actually had TWO nights out by ourselves! Saturday night my in laws watched Melody while we went out to dinner (Sushi!) and a movie. We saw Elysium which was pretty good. I was more excited about the sushi! Then on Sunday night my mom watched Melody while DH and I went to a concert.

Black Sabbath concert 2013
It was hard getting a good picture with my phone. We were pretty far back. I felt pretty "hard core" going to a rock concert at 7 months pregnant! It was a good time but I was definitely tired by the time we got home. It was way past my bedtime! I feel almost spoiled now, getting two nights as adults with no kids! We had a nice time.

So this third trimester of pregnancy is beginning to feel like the first trimester all over again. I woke up yesterday and drank some water. I was in the kitchen when all of the sudden.... the water came back out! Seriously? I thought the morning sickness had subsided but it seems to be coming back when I least expect it.

I ended up having toast and Sprite for breakfast. I forgot to take a picture because I was concentrating on keeping it down.

Later I did have a small snack.

colby-jack cheese stick

I tried to catch up on laundry while Melody destroyed had fun in the living room.I made her lunch, did the dishes, and put dinner in the crock pot before I finally sat down to eat lunch.

Wrap with romaine, tomatoes, nitrate free turkey breast, and mozzarella cheese. Diced sweet potato with cinnamon. Raspberry Leaf tea.

Melody went down for her nap and I swept and mopped the floors. (Writing down what I did yesterday makes me feel like I was actually productive!) When DH got home from work we ended up sitting down and watching 4 or 5 episodes of Heroes on Hulu. We seriously can't get enough of that show!

snack- a small handful of white cheddar bunnies

This is how Melody decided to eat her bunnies!

Dinner- slow cooker Cafe Rio pork tacos with creamy cilantro dressing

I tried a new recipe for dinner. I love me some Cafe Rio pork! This recipe was good but I think maybe a little too sweet. I think I will cut back some of the brown sugar next time. I also think the cilantro dressing needed to be a little more spicy. Those are both easy fixes, though. Overall I did like the recipe!

What are some things you ate for this WIAW?

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