Thursday, September 5, 2013

Munchkin Meals- the first

Another fun link up here! This one is usually hosted by Brittany at A Healthy Slice Of Life. It's once a month so I really should have been more prepared. But I wasn't. I'm sensing a theme here lately. I am blaming it on the third trimester of this pregnancy. I am just exhausted! So this post will show what Melody has been eating lately since I have been too tired to really get extravagant. Plus, I think she has had some molars breaking through so it's been a bit tough to know what she will and wont eat that day (or hour!).

Her breakfasts usually consist of a 1/2 to one whole banana while I cook up her scrambled eggs with onions and spinach and a piece of wheat toast. Last weekend, though, she had a little treat! Her first french toast!

 I think she enjoyed it! I honestly am a sweets person myself. I like to bake and I like to eat what I bake! So yes she does have sugar every once in a while. We just stay away from candy and prepackaged sweets.

For lunches you can plan on her always having one of two things on her plate, frozen peas or tomatoes! Those are things I know she will always eat. Unless she is teething apparently, then the tomatoes usually will still be on the plate when she is done.

 I love these Earth's Best baked mini beef meatballs. It's quick for me if I'm in a pinch or if I didn't do any food prep that week. Honestly sometimes she eats them and sometimes she doesn't. She may or may not eat meat for a couple days at a time. I'm not worried, though, she gets enough protein through other foods.

Since her teeth have been bothering her, yogurt has been on the menu at least twice a day! I feel so bad when every time she takes a bite of food she cries. So the frozen peas and yogurt have been at the top of the list for the last couple days.

Another thing we have for lunch around here is left overs. The other day, my husband brought home a couple slices of pizza from our favorite pizza place, Bambini's.

As far as snacks go, we usually always have cheese sticks and Annie's Cheddar Bunnies in the house. Fresh fruit, or dried cranberries are also some favorites. Lately she has been wanting carrot sticks a lot. I think it must feel good on her gums.

For dinner she usually eats what we eat. Except last night, her teeth were really bothering her. So I found a jar of baby puree in the cupboard and warmed it up for her. She also wanted a tortilla because she saw me heating one up. She ended up dipping her tortilla in her "soup".

As you can see in a few of these pictures she is drinking milk. She gets milk with her meals once or twice a day. The rest of the time it's just water, and occasional orange juice (watered down).

I guess compared to some other kids, she is a pretty good eater. There are just some things I wish she would eat. One being avocado. She will eat the Wholy Gaucamole packets but not a plain avocado. Also, the only green vegetable she will eat is peas. I have to hide her greens in with meals, like her eggs or in soups or chilies.

Are there any foods your child just refuses to eat?

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  1. My son refuses to eat green beans. I've tried fresh, canned, frozen and pureed and he WILL NOT eat them. He happily gobbles up spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, peas etc so I'm not worried about it but it's still weird. They seem like such a neutral veggie! Sorry Melody's teeth are bothering her! My son started getting his 2 year molars towards the end of my pregnancy and it was brutal for a while but passed quickly! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. Today I am feeling a little better, thank you! Yes, green beans are another one that I can't get her to eat either! She does love green smoothies so that is how I've been able to give her greens.