Monday, September 9, 2013

Cake Mishap and Some More Organizing

This weekend I really did try to relax... but it didn't work out too well. I had a pretty crummy day on Thursday. I think my hormones got the best of me. Thankfully I have a wonderful friend who let me cry her ear off over the phone! Never underestimate the power of a small conversation with a good friend! Friday I was feeling better, and trying to just relax and not worry about chores and then....

PSHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHH! ... Shoot. Screaming baby comes running into the living room covered in Coke, slips and falls because she is wet, Coke is spraying all over my kitchen... So much for relaxing. Give the baby a (second) bath, try to wipe up the soda in the living room and kitchen, mop the living room and kitchen (twice), then mop the hallway after realizing the soda is there too. Super fun night. This picture really doesn't show how much soda there actually was everywhere. I don't think Melody will be playing with soda cans anymore, she scared the heck out of herself!

After this I think I gave up on relaxing over the weekend. Saturday I wanted to try out a cake recipe that I was thinking about using for my baby shower cake. I got the recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction. I ended up doubling the batter recipe and making a bundt cake. It made one bundt and 8 cupcakes.

The batter was TO DIE for!

They came out looking like this.... nice right?.... I let them cool and tried to take the cake out....

AHHHH! Epic fail!! This is after I put the two halves back together. Apparently I didn't grease my pan enough. I probably should have flowered it too. Darn! I was so pissed! But it was just a test cake so I wasn't that upset. The recipe was pretty easy, too. So I made the frosting (just the single batch) and then frosted the cakes.

Melody couldn't wait for frosting, she had to have the cake! Because the cake was a little busted, I didn't frost it the way I really wanted to, I just spread the frosting all over the cake. I wanted to pipe it on but I had to cover the "crumby" looking thing!

It didn't look too bad once it was frosted!....How did it taste?....

Well lets just say this was a picture of the piece I ate the next day because I forgot to take a picture of my first piece! Honestly it was a good cake. I don't know if I will still use it for my baby shower. I might make the cupcakes but make a different bundt. Maybe chocolate. Mmmmm. Chocolate. Yes, that sounds good. HAHA!

There are only two weekends before the weekend of my baby shower. I really wanted to have Melody's new room ready for her before then, so I can get these toys out of my living room! Plus I didn't want a huge "work in progress" at the baby shower. So I got down to it and started organizing all of my arts and craft stuff that is currently in that room.

I had a lot more canvases than I had thought! Holy cow! I mean how many does one person need? I condensed it down to two boxes. (Still A LOT) Then I went through all of my plastic drawers and organized them. Of course then I labeled them. I think they came out pretty nice! And I feel a little lighter after weeding out the junk I don't use.

Now if I can only get my husband caught up on all of his projects! If only it were that easy! I still have all of my Party Light candles and things I have to find room for in my closet. (Meaning I need to get rid of some shoes...) Really? Getting rid of shoes for Party Light? Yes, Yes I would!

Is there anything you would actually give up shoes for?

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