Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grocery Trip to Sprouts Farmers Market

Last week I had mentioned that I had heard of a new organic and natural food grocery store here in Las Vegas. I decided to take a trip out there and see if it was worth the drive.

Weekly Menu:

Monday- Pork Carnita Pizza w/ red onion, spinach, and bbq sauce (OMG! This was so good! Recipe coming soon!)

Tuesday- chicken enchiladas w/ spanish rice

Wednesday- left over enchiladas

Thursday- sweet potato nachos

Friday-chicken alfredo with veggies

Saturday- spaghetti

Sunday- left overs

It took about 20 minutes to get to Sprouts from my house. It wasn't that bad since I went in the middle of the day and there wasn't a lot of traffic. I noticed it's about the same size as Whole Foods by my house, but they have a nice selection of both organics and regular foods. They have a bakery, deli, and meat department as well. They actually have a much larger selection of bulk foods than Whole Foods, but not all of them are organic/ natural. They have a huge coffee bar where you can make your own blends. I liked the fact that they have a larger selection of breads than Whole Foods. They also have a whole wall of different types of specialty beers.

Melody was having a blast until about halfway through. Then she started getting cranky because it was nap time. We had to clean up a whole package of linguine that she decided to drop all over the floor. At least it was dry pasta!

We didn't need very many cold items this week because I still had eggs, yogurt, and some of our usual weekly cold items. Plus, this week is Azure Standard ordering so we will be getting those items next Monday.

2 organic whole milk- $11.98, orange juice- $3.99, organic cream cheese- $3.69, sprouts shredded mozzarella- $2.70, sprouts natural string cheese- $4.99, French Roast coffee- $5.99, Vans GF waffles- $3.49(they were buy one get one), Annies cheddar bunnies- $3.99

organic bananas- $2.53, organic baby spinach- $3.49, organic apples- $2.27, organic yellow onion- $1.02, red grapes- $4.08, red yam- $1.64, zucchini- $1.05, organic grapefruit- $2.50, garlic- $.67

organic honey wheat bread- $3.50, corn tortillas(not pictured oops)- $2.99, Annies BBQ sauce- $3.00, organic ketchup- $2.49, 2 Spanish rice- $2.49 (also buy one get one), pastas- $3.00, Fiber caps- $9.59, diced chilies- $1.59

My total after tax and bag credits was $90.35. It wasn't as expensive this week since I didn't need any meat. I wouldn't mind going here more often. I would like to try their meat. I didn't get to look at it very closely so I'm not sure what kind of meats they have. If they have fresh farm raised meats with no antibiotics or gmo's I would definitely choose this store over Smith's.

I had to talk about this amazing pizza I made last night for dinner! I'm looking forward to left overs for lunch! It was huge! I will definitely have to write a recipe for this pizza soon!

I also wanted to show off this super cute shadow box I made for Melody! I have had these things sitting around waiting to be put together for a year now. I figured since I was cleaning out the art room I should put it all together so none of it got lost. I think it turned out cute! I can't wait to hang it in her new room!


  1. Been meaning to check out Sprouts myself! Thanks for the great info! Love your blog! - Micheline