Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIAW- What I Ate Wednesday!

I'm super excited about this post, as it's my first WIAW post! A few blogs I follow have been doing these posts for some time now, and well I thought I would join in on the party! Jenn from Peas and Crayons usually hosts this weekly link up where everyone shares their eats from either one day or just a few different days' eats. I really think this will help me see what kind of foods I am actually eating and help me strive for healthy choices.

Coffee with cream and a banana

I have been waking up a little earlier lately, around 6-6:30am. It gives me at least an hour or so to myself before Melody wakes up. Since she has been fighting naps, this seems to be crucial for me to get some time by myself! I will use this time to blog and peruse Facebook and Pinterest. When Melody does wake up around 7:30, we have breakfast together.

2 eggs scrambled with red onion, spinach, and cheddar with whole wheat toast

She may or may not eat all of her eggs, it really just depends on the day. I try not to sweat it. She usually will eat her toast but then again, she went on a toast strike last week. Just goes to show, you never know with her. If she doesn't eat something for a while I don't worry though, because she will usually pick it back up within a couple days.

After breakfast we made a quick trip to the fabric store to pick up a zipper I needed for a sewing project. When we got back to the house, my mom came over to visit and pick up her items from our Azure Standard order. She stayed for lunch and I decided some salads sounded really good!

romaine and kale salad with tomatoes, avocado, kalamata olives, cucumbers, and feta
We also snacked on these veggie straws

The salad was great, but would have been more filling with a little rice or quinoa. Unfortunately I was slacking this week on food prepping. These veggie straws did the trick, though. These are the Whole Foods brand and they are good, but they seem a little more salty than the veggie straws I usually get. They only have 10mg more sodium than my usual, but they tasted much saltier.

After my mom left, I was lucky enough to get Melody to go down for a nap! Woo Hoo! I could finally clean the floors! Apparently, cleaning floors makes me hungry because when I was done I needed a snack! 

organic low fat yogurt with peanut butter and Love Grown granola

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and I was actually already making Taco Slop in the crock pot. I wasn't expecting to go out anywhere but we all decided to go with my dad and step mom to Red Robbin (his favorite restaurant). This, of course, means I splurged a little!

Crispy chicken burger and fries

Happy Birthday Papa!
We were making taco slop leftovers tonight anyways, so I guess it was ok. At home, we lounged on the couch and watched season one of Heros on Hulu. Melody thought the box our new pool pump came in was much more interesting!

Because we stayed up a little late watching Heros, I got a little hungry so I had a bowl of cereal. (No picture, sorry) For some reason cereal has been my go to snack lately. I know it really isn't the healthiest, and its definitely processed with tons of preservatives, but it has been my guilty pleasure lately! My favorite is the Reese's Puffs cereal! HORRIBLE!! I know. It's my weakness.

Do you have a weakness for a specific food/ snack?

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