Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diaper Wet Bag

I have been cloth diapering Melody now for 2 or 3 weeks. I really do love it! Well, now that I have my diaper sprayer anyways! It really is a must have with toddler poo! (In my opinion.) I'm sure lots of moms are doing just fine without the sprayer, but it really is extremely helpful. I hardly see any staining since I have been using it!

I usually carry around these nifty little scented bags to put dirty diapers in when we are out and about. I ran out of them the other day and thought, I need to make a wet bag! Something I can put her dirty cloth diapers in when we are out. So of course I hit up Pinterest and found a nice tutorial on how to make a wet bag!

On Sunday I made 2 small wet bags according to the tutorial. They came out great considering I have never sewed a zipper before! That meant I had to watch a you tube video on how to attach the zipper foot on my sewing machine. (And no I didn't know witch one was the zipper foot ) Yes I admit it! That just goes to show how easy this project really is!

For the small wet bag I used:
* 2 pieces of cotton fabric 10" x 12.5"
* 2 pieces of PUL fabric 10" x 12"
* 1 strip of cotton fabric 4" x 14"
* 9" zipper
* polyester thread

In the tutorial, she says you may also need either baby powder or tissue paper. I had both but used baby powder because it was easier to get to. It really makes it easier to sew the zipper on the PUL. Otherwise it's a little slippery. I also want to mention (which she didn't in the tutorial) that I washed and dried both of my fabrics BEFORE cutting them to size. I know the cotton fabric did shrink a bit but the PUL didn't noticeably shrink.

So I followed the instructions and attached the zipper. I think for my first zipper ever, I did pretty good!

I didn't take pictures of all the steps, you can check out the tutorial for that. The first bag took me about 3 hours including the time it took to cut out the fabric. The second bag only took about an hour. These small bags will hold about 3 cloth diapers each.

small wet bag

Now, when I bought the fabric, I apparently couldn't do math because I got A LOT more fabric than I really needed! So, since I had all this left over fabric, I decided to make a large wet bag to put in the bathroom for diapers after I have sprayed them. This would help me not have to carry a drippy diaper across the hall back to the nursery. 

Yesterday, after making a trip to the fabric store for a larger zipper, I put Melody down for her nap and gathered my supplies:

For the large wet bag I used:
* 2 pieces cotton fabric 17" x 29"
* 2 pieces PUL fabric 17" x 28.5"
* 1 strip of cotton fabric 4" x 14"
* 16" zipper
* polyester thread
* grande peppermint mocha frappucino (optional)

This was a little more difficult with larger fabric. Then again, my work space (aka dining room) was a little tight. For some reason I kept poking myself with pins and then cut myself trying to rip a seam I wasn't satisfied with. Maybe the frappucino was a bad idea! Overall, though it turned out nice! You could make this any size you want! You would just need the width of the fabric to be an inch longer than the size of your zipper. You also want the length of the PUL fabric to be about a half inch shorter than your cotton fabric.

 I am thinking, since we only have about one poo diaper a day right now, I might just use this large bag next to the changing table and put a small one in the bathroom. Right now I am just using regular trash bags in the trash can and throwing them out when I wash the diapers. (which is every two days) Not very eco friendly or thrifty of me, I know. My next plan is to make a bag without the zipper and just use elastic around the top. (AKA trash can liner) We will see.

*Again, if you would like the full tutorial for the small bag please visit A Lemon Squeezy Home.

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