Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIAW- What I eat when the hubby isn't home...

My husband is what you could call a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy. All of his meals must have a meat! This can get a little expensive with groceries! So when he goes out of town or isn't home for dinner, I will usually take that opportunity to make a meatless dinner.

When hubby went hunting a couple weekends ago, I decided to make a veggie pasta. Being 8 months pregnant, I like quick, easy meals! I can say I have digressed to more pre-packaged foods than I am usually comfortable with. I honestly just am way too tired by the end of the day to do all the work of making meals from scratch! This meal however was super easy, I used a bag of frozen mixed veggies (steam bag variety), some linguine, and made a simple cream sauce to go over it all. Yum!

Speaking of pre-packaged foods... On the first night DH was gone, we had a "girls' night" and made some brownies from a box mix. Mind you, I haven't made a box brownie mix since before I was married! I forgot how simple they are. Melody helped stir the brownie batter!

I recently acquired a new cook book... The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I have made a couple different recipes so far from this book. It is not a "light", or "healthy recipes" cook book. They aren't necessarily unhealthy recipes but they are definitely "meat and potatoes" types of recipes. I was looking for something different for breakfast and came across the recipe for Migas. I didn't have all the veggies she puts in hers so I improvised a little and just used onions. I'm sure they would be much better the correct way but these were still awesome!

Another thing we eat when hubby isn't home is left-overs! This was yet another Pioneer Woman recipe, Chicken Spaghetti. This recipe made a TON of food for our little family! It was so creamy and good!

Yes, yes I did! While at my dad's house, I heard the notorious sound of the ice cream man coming down the street... Melody had never experienced the awesomeness of this wondrous event! So, of course, being the good mom I am, I had to introduce her! And also get my favorite ice cream, the ninja turtle with gumball eyes!

Do you eat differently when your significant other isn't home?

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