Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Back!- part one of last month's happenings

Yes, I know I've been gone from the blog scene for about the last month. I'm sorry! There were just more important things to attend to. Plus being 8 months pregnant is pretty tiring on it's own! So I decided to focus my attention elsewhere and give blogging a break.

I am happy to say I am back now, though. I know you missed me! (Insert sarcasm) I don't get as many nap times anymore, though, so my posts may be slightly sporadic at least for the next couple months. (Yes, I am blogging during a much needed toddler nap time! Praise the Lord!) I would like to fill you in on what has gone on in the last month. (Seriously I have been busy!)

We finally got Melody's new big girl room put together and she is in there 24-7 now! I no longer have a living room full of toys! Well, not all the time anyways. DH scraped the popcorn ceiling, and then we painted the whole room, put in a fan and new blinds.

In the midst of painting

I also refinished her new toddler bed and dresser. The toddler bed was pre-owned and purchased a few months ago and the dresser was also pre-owned and gifted to us by a friend.

Dresser before, and after

Toddler bed before, and after
Here is the end result. (I didn't have the dresser in the room yet in these pictures)...

And how does Melody like her new bed? Well she is adjusting... She took her first nap in her toddler bed last week. That same night we were able to get her to sleep over night in it. The second night she slept the whole night as well. Since then she has been back and forth. Some nights she wakes up and wants to get in our bed. I have been trying different things to get her to stay in her bed the whole night. I put up a baby gate on her door at night so she can't just run down the hall to our room. When she wakes up I've tried to sit with her until she goes back to sleep, that didn't work. I tried reading to her again but that involves turning the light on, which wakes her up more. Then I tried turning on her little tv with a movie with the volume on low. (It wasn't my first choice, believe me. But at 8 months pregnant I was trying anything just to get sleep!) That worked but she woke up a few more times that night and woke up early that morning. I just think she wasn't able to get to a good deep sleep with the tv on. (I know I can't) Last night seemed to be better. (Or I could have just gotten lucky!) I heard her wake up and immediately went to her room BEFORE she got out of bed. I tucked her back in, gave her her dolls, and turned on her pillow pet night light (Dream Light, she loves that thing!) . I went back to bed and she went back to sleep until 7am! Hopefully she gets better and more comfortable. As for naps, well that's give or take. Some days she will and some days she wont. I still try to put her in her room with the lights low and a movie on so she can at least "take a rest". We both need our alone time for a little bit! I am trying to come to terms that maybe my 21 month old just is done with naps.

Did your toddler give up naps at an early age?

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