Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Shower!- Part two of last month's happenings

We wanted to get Melody's new room finished before my baby shower. We were having it at our house this time. It was actually the first time we held a large gathering at our own home! We have had most of our other parties at my in law's house! Thanks guys! I thought it was time we grew up a little and did this on our own. Getting our little home ready for as many people as we have in our family was definitely time consuming! My husband had to clean up the back yard and garage, while I had to get the inside ready. Thank goodness we finished Melody's new room in time! The party turned out great, and we all had a blast! My mom and a friend helped me decorate and cook, which was a big help! I guess I will just let you take a gander at some of the pictures to see for yourself!

We found this cake at Sam's Club! I was going to make my own but I decided this would be easier! I did make chocolate cupcakes though. (yes, from a box mix, don't judge me!)

I love this picture! We played a few games and to settle a tie this is how my family handled it! I'm telling you, we know how to have a good time!

Because our family is so large, there are a lot of kids! So we decided to rent a bounce house. What a good idea! They all had a blast, especially Melody! Here she is bouncing away. For the next week she kept asking to go outside and "bounsh!" 

The cutest little cowboy boots!

My mother in law got us this swing and bouncer in one. I'm excited to try this thing out! It's already put together in my living room.

Here is me, my mom, my Aunt Vickie, and my Grandma Brenda

And for good measure a pregnant belly pic!

And after much deliberation... the baby's name will be Lyric William. I don't know why it took us so long to decide what to name this baby! I swear we had Melody's name picked out before we even knew I was pregnant!

Overall, the party was awesome! A whole lot of work for a pregnant girl, but awesome none the less. To be honest, the clean up process didn't start until two days later. I needed to take a day to rest! I would have loved to make more of the food from scratch and not processed box mixes, but I figured I didn't want to over work myself. I can definitely say, what I did do, was enough. 

Thank you to everyone who came and also everyone who helped make my shower amazing!

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