Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 4 Flats and Handwashing Challenge- Out and About with Flats

The 4th day of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge started off a little rocky. Nothing horrible, really. Just very cloudy skies and bit of rain. I am hoping to be able to hang dry outside before any more rain today. Oh, and my 3 year old daughter thought it would be a good idea to give her baby doll a bath with the WHOLE BOTTLE of cloth wipe solution. The carpet got a bath as well. At least it smells good!

Today's post is about how we travel with our flat diapers. I guess it may seem a bit intimidating to someone who hasn't done it before. But for me, I have been traveling with flats and/or prefolds for a while now. The only difference for my outings this week has been the addition of cloth wipes, instead of disposable wipes. Monday we had an ICAN meeting across town, so here is what I packed in my purse. Yes purse, not diaper bag!

Small spray bottle of wipe solution, cloth wipes folded in a travel wipes case (see how to fold them to pop up, here), 1 PUL cover (by Brother'sBinky), 2 flats, and because I new I would need to change him into his night time diaper, 1 is his receiving blanket flat and I also brought a bamboo fleece doubler. 

As you can see, I pre-fold my flats. I use the airplane fold for our regular flats and the kite fold for his night time receiving blanket flats. I stack all these things and fit them into one section of my purse, along with the spray bottle. 

I also carry a wet bag with me. Mine can fit about 3 dirty flats and covers. That's all I usually need. I store my clean diapers in my purse, and the dirties go in the wet bag that I attach to my purse.

In my opinion, as long as I pre-fold the flats, it's not much difference than traveling with regular disposables. If I have a poopy diaper, I just store it in the wet bag until I get home, and then I will spray it off with my diaper sprayer.

I remember not long ago, I was in the bathroom at Walmart with both of my children. I was changing my sons diaper on the changing table (he was wearing flats) and a woman walked by and was amazed. She said she didn't know they still made these kind of diapers, haha! Why, yes, ma'am they do. She was super interested in my Snappy, too. 

I am truly thankful to have been introduced to cloth diapering, as it has saved my family a TON of money. I hope I can convince other families that it is an awesome alternative to expensive disposables, that really isn't anymore difficult to do!

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  1. I'm impressed by the fact that you carry a normal purse! That's awesome :D I love how trim flats can be to wear and carry around :)