Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 2 Flats and Handwashing Challenge- The Stash!

For the 2015 Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on things just to use for the challenge. The whole point is for cloth diapering to be an inexpensive choice, right? Everything pictured above EXCEPT the bucket washer, I already had, or was free. But for the sake of curiosity, I will tally what each thing cost me (at some point in time).

Camp Style Wash Bucket:
Bucket (Lowes)- $2.98
Lid (Lowes)- $1.28
Plunger (Lowes)- $8.98 .... My husband ran into the store to get these items for me. Apparently this was the cheapest plunger they had. You can also get a plunger at the dollar store, though.

My husband already had all the tools needed to drill a hole in the bucket lid, and a couple small holes in the plunger. Thanks hubby!

FREE! - I hadn't used cloth wipes until this challenge, but I have been meaning to switch over for a while now. My MIL had a king size jersey knit top sheet that she was getting rid of, so I scored on that one! I just cut out some rectangles, no measuring, or sewing. I still have 3/4 of the sheet left, too! I could have used that to make some t-shirt diapers, too if I didn't already have flats. I should also mention I did have to strip the sheet before I cut it up for wipes, because it had been washed many times with fabric softener. To strip it, I used a tiny bit of Dawn original dish detergent and washed on HOT, then rinse rinse rinse, until no more bubbles. (Warning! Most washer manufacturers will tell you using dish detergent in your washer may void your warranty!) Here is some awesome information about stripping and cloth diapers.

I have 25 total flats.
4 Large receiving blankets - FREE from my daughter's baby shower
6 Large Cloth-eez brand unbleached organic cotton flats (from Green Mountain Diapers)- $20 approximately (with shipping)
6 Small and 9 Large Cloth-eez brand cotton flats (purchased used from a local Facebook group)- $25

4 Doublers- $2.00 I made doublers for night time diapers using some heavy bamboo fleece that I had ordered for my business, Brother'sBinky. I had intended to make inserts for pocket diapers, but never got around to it. So I would estimate the cost of the amount of fabric I used was about $2.00. In order for them to dry quicker, I didn't sew these, just cut out one layer 13"x10" then I just fold them in half and lay either in the folded flat, or between the flat and the cover.

6 Brother'sBinky size 2 adjustable PUL covers- I charge $15 each for my covers, but all of mine were made using the leftovers from fabrics and snaps I had. The cost of materials is probably about $25 for all six covers.

Snappi (not pictured)- aproximately $2.00

Cloth Wipe Solution- FREE! I received some free samples of Baby Bits cloth wipe solution at the GCDC event a couple weeks ago. It works pretty good. I keep some in a spray bottle in the bedroom, and also in a small spray bottle in my purse.

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream- FREE! Technically I made the cream using coconut oil, beeswax, and Lavender and Melrose essential oils. I would guess it cost about $2.

Wash Soap- $6.00
I received the Rock n' Green samples from the GCDC event as well. The Calgon I add to the wash with the diapers because we have extremely hard water. The Calgon is about $6 at my local grocery store.

That's everything I am using for the challenge!
TOTAL: not including soaps = $87.24

Most people will not need this many flats. I use all of the smalls for back up and extra nighttime protection sometimes. You could even use the entire King sized jersey knit sheet to make flats AND wipes, and have enough for washing every other day or so. Needless to say, cloth diapering can be very inexpensive with a little ingenuity and elbow grease!

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